Here at Standard Utilities we believe communication is key to your business functioning and succeeding. There is nothing worse than a lack of communication between clients or employees which ultimately impacts on your business’ productivity. That’s why we offer VoIP phone system solutions for businesses large or small.

We offer traditional ISDN and PSTN phone lines at a reduced price helping you save where it matters.

SIP Trunking VoIP

The power of the internet has changed the way in which we communicate; social media allows us to access things faster, media reports on news 24/7 with live updates and even our mobile phones allow us to communicate easier and faster.

SIP Trunking is a VoIP alternative to traditional phone lines. It provides the foundations for increased productivity amongst employees and lower phone costs. SIP trunks work similar to PBX trunks in that they carry all forms of media, not just voice, reducing the need for legacy connectivity. SIP trunks also help transmit packs which carry voice, data and video; allowing communication to be more reliable throughout your business.

Our VoIP phone systems allow business to enjoy additional benefits over PBX trunks as well as drastically reduced their costs.

Additional SIP Trunking Features

· Mobile portability – your numbers can be set to ring any destination in the world regardless of the area code on the number.

· Local Numbers anywhere – A New York telephone number, for example, can be set-up to ring at a site in London, Belfast,

· Call recording – All or some of the inbound and outbound call can be recorded, stored and played back.

· Seamless changeover – Moving to SIP from an existing infrastructure is an incredibly simple process.

· Disaster recovery – in the event of disaster your SIP service and numbers can be directed to any other location, fixed, mobile or data device, in the world.

· Easily implementation helping your business to reap the benefits faster.

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