Samsung Xchange’s technology can help improve your business’ productivity and collaboration. It is a smart communication solution for both small and large organisations.

What is Samsung Xchange?

Samsung Xchange connects your office computer to your telephone. By linking Samsung Xchange to your business’ database, it will be able to capture who is calling you before you even answer. When you receive a call a discreet message will appear on your computer screen telling you who is on the other end.

The on screen options will allow you to answer the call using your computer or pull up the database instantly to find the CRM record relatable to the caller. Gone are the days of struggling to find information while the caller waits on the other end of the phone. You will also be able to use your computer to quickly dial and search contacts. 

If your reception is an integral part of your daily business activity then you will enjoy Samsung Xchange’s Operator product. With Operator your reception staff will be able to manage incoming calls for the team as professionally as possible. It works hard to offer extensive call functionality that streamlines management of incoming calls.

Xchange Features Include:

  • Call control from your PC.
  • Internal database access
  • A detailed call history including missed calls when your computer is off.
  • Dial from anywhere – web pages, Microsoft applications, most database applications and many other places.
  • Status awareness – whether contacts are available, out of the office, in a meeting or free to call.

Learn more about Samsung Xchange from the video below:

Xchange Mobile

Samsung Xchange Mobile is an application available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile phones. It provides dialling and collaboration features enabling your employees to communicate effectively on the go!  With instant access to address books and numbers, your employees can easily contact anyone without having to have numbers saved on their phone. They can even contact the office extensions free of charge.

By using the Xchange Mobile you can easily check the status of others, update your own availability and send messages to those unavailable.

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