Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks also known as Wireless LANs are used for connecting businesses to their internal resources / machine networks and to the Internet. This allows companies to all have access to shared files they need, wirelessly across the organisation.

Standard Utilities can also provide your business with fixed wireless networks across multiple office / building locations to help you to ensure that all of your business locations / offices are connected without the need for wires.

Business internet access is essential for all businesses in todays’ connected world. Wireless LAN is also used to connect businesses to the internet via access points.

The use of business Wi-Fi instead of wired LAN allows businesses much more flexibility both in terms of who they virtually work, and in terms of how offices are physically structured.

A connected workforce enhances communications, work efficiency and the sharing of information so wireless LAN or business Wi-Fi as it’s most often called can provide your business with much more than just an internet connection.

Standard Utilities provide businesses of all sizes with internal wireless LANs and business Wi-Fi. Talk to us today.