VoIP is the abbreviation of ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. In layman’s terms this means using the internet to make and receive calls. It is an efficient and low-cost way for your business to communicate internally to a wider geographical network.

Standard Utilities offers Mobile VoIP options to suit your business needs.

What is Mobile VoIP?

Mobile VoIP allows your business to make cheap VoIP calls from mobile phones, allowing your business to cheaply contact any country worldwide.

Transport your business to any location with the help of Mobile VoIP. Your employees will be able to make or receive VoIP calls from anywhere in the world, send messages, setup or join conference calls and more. Not only can they do this through mobile, but by using a tablet or desktop too. With the help of VoIP, your business can increase its’ productivity, not the phone bills.

Phone solutions

Mobile Voice Over IP is phone app solution suitable for any business of any size. It is easy to download, set up, and allows you to keep your own telephone numbers. There are also a range of smart features meaning you will never miss a call again.

With the help of Standard Utilities, we can advise on a call plan that will be appropriate for your business.

Mobile VoIP phones

Mobile VoIP is currently supported by iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT, Symbian and Blackberry.

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